Side project — Phase One complete

I’ve finished transcribing all of the selected poems. It was, I have to admit, pretty interesting.

While transcribing, I did minimal editing — just a couple of punctuation marks here and there. It seemed to me to be a good idea to keep the poems as close to the originals as I could.

The greatest challenges were probably the occasionally ambiguous handwriting and the fact that some of the poems had two or three subtly different versions. This required a bit of collation and thought, but was easily dealt with.

The next stage is to read the poems aloud to pick up any errors that might be best found that way, and for my father to write an introduction for the collection (this is technically a joint project, but I’m doing the lion’s share of the work because of my plans for a career in publishing). This is not especially urgent, though.

As a side note, I’ve noticed that updates about this project seem to get the most attention from those following this blog. This is heartening, and seems to bode well for plans to sell copies of the collection (any proceeds beyond those which cover the costs of self-publication will go to the community hospital in which my grandmother spent her final days).


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