Side Project Phase 2 (and some general comments)

The introduction to the collection is now written. The next stage is to gather the introduction and the transcribed poems into one PDF, to be sent to three members of my grandmother’s inner social circle who have particular experience with publishing and marketing (it seems reasonable to get an experienced opinion on whether the collection as it currently exists is up to a decently publishable standard). After that (hopefully), York Publishing Services!

I’ll probably hold off on initiating the greater part of the publishing process until after the new year, though — things tend to get rather chaotic in various areas around Christmas.

In general business news, my networking efforts on LinkedIn are starting to pay off — I’ve come across a couple of very interesting opportunities, which I am following up with all due diligence.

I’m also carrying out some preliminary research with the intention of attending the London Book Fair 2015. The prices for train tickets are absolutely eye-watering, but given the opportunities for networking and advertising my business, I’d say it’s most likely going to be worth it.


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