Side Project progress

I’ve created an appendix for the collection — a rough translation of the one poem that’s entirely in French. I used a bit of common sense, my secondary school-level French (which I can remember a surprising amount of) and an online translation facility for those parts which I couldn’t do on my own. It was pretty interesting, actually.

The next step is to carefully check over the original manuscripts for each poem and assign an approximate date of composition to each one. Most of the poems seem to have been written in the early 1980s; one of them, a sonnet which I have placed as the second in the collection, cannot have been written later than the 1940s or very early 1950s, as it is signed with my grandmother’s maiden name. I have to admit, I should probably have thought of this step before. I suppose this is another learning experience.

In addition to the introduction which he wrote, my father intends to write a short piece of commentary for each poem. This should help to set each work more firmly in the context in which it was written.

This post rather negates the progress report which I posted on 10th November. I gather that this sort of thing is a not entirely uncommon occurrence in the publishing industry.


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