Side Project news

This update is best given in list format:

  • Persuaded my father to not add superfluous biographical information to the introduction (this project not being primarily biographical in nature).
  • Adjusted the introduction to indicate my intention of adding a number of my grandmother’s photographs and paintings to the collection for illustrative purposes.
  • Wrote up an ‘If you enjoyed this collection’ page, suggesting that readers make a donation to Helston Community Hospital (where my grandmother spent her final few weeks).
  • Added the adjusted/newly created pages to the PDF of the complete collection.
  • Sent copies of said PDF (paper or email, as appropriate) to certain relatives and close friends of my grandmother’s, as a sort of ‘proof of concept’ exercise.

There isn’t much more I can do on the project at the moment, at least until I have a selection of photographs and paintings through which I can sort to select the best ones to add to the collection (which should be around Christmas or thereabouts). Things are moving now, and I’m tentatively hoping to have the full collection published in early April next year (hopefully in time for me to be able to take a copy or two to the London Book Fair).


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