Side Project – testing formats

As the title of this post suggests, I have not been idle while waiting for my grandmother’s photographic archive to become available.

I’ve been twiddling with the page format settings in my word processor in order to get an idea of how the collection might look in different formats; specifically, I have tried A5 and B6, which seemed to me to be the most suitable sizes for a small collection of poetry. In both cases I have followed the fairly standard style of having each new poem start on the next blank recto (right-hand page).

Using B6 format, the collection runs to 37 pages and has room for 14 pictures. Using A5 format, the page count is 34 pages, with room for 15 pictures. In this latter format, I have set the font at 11-point size rather than 12-point, in order to avoid the last line of the introduction becoming a widow. In both cases, the font used is Century Schoolbook L, which is readable and easy on the eyes. If the necessary front matter — a title page and a copyright page — is included, the page counts become 39 pages for the B6 format and 36 pages for the A5 format.

The appendices — the translation of the poem written in French, and the ‘If you liked this collection’ suggested donation page — are currently set to start on the next blank page, as they are adjuncts to the main collection. There is no point in using any type of cover other than basic softcover/cardstock for this collection, so it is quite possible that the ‘If you liked this collection’ page will be printed on the inside of the back cover, if such a course of action proves to be feasible.

I have also been hearing some very positive noises from my grandmother’s close friends who have received proof-of-concept copies of the collection; this is very encouraging! šŸ˜€

There’s about a week and a half to go until I can access the photographic archive and select pictures to illustrate the collection; next week’s post is therefore unlikely to have much news about this project.


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