Side Project — Progress!

I have the photographic archive, and the process of sorting has begun! There are about three thousand photos, so my estimate of being able to get a quote for publishing costs by mid-January now seems a touch optimistic…

This is technically a joint project between myself and my father, though, so I’ve delegated some of the sorting to him. There are two reasons for this: Firstly, having two people doing the sorting will make it go more quickly. Secondly, my father knew my grandmother somewhat better than I did, and is thus better acquainted with the context of each poem in my grandmother’s life, so he’s in a slightly better position to match poems with suitable photos.

There’s one poem – a short, humorous piece that gently spoofs Tennyson – that is unlikely to have a suitable match in the photographic archive. I will therefore supply the picture for this poem myself; my artistic style leans very much towards the cartoonish rather than the realistic, so this is somewhat appropriate for the humorous nature of the poem in question.

Between the use of my grandmother’s own photographs (copyright: her estate) and my own illustration (copyright: me), one particular potential difficulty in the publishing process (gaining permission to use copyrighted material from a third party) is neatly side-stepped.

I’ve also started to give serious thought to the size of the initial print run. 100 copies is, I gather, fairly standard, but I have a feeling that this may not be enough; my grandmother had a large social circle, and many of the people within it are on the ‘list’ for a free copy. I intend to take any remaining copies with me to the London Book Fair, but to make this poetry collection a worthwhile part of my networking pitch, I’ll need at least 50 copies to hand out along with my business cards. The task of sorting through my grandmother’s address books is therefore of at least the same urgency as is the process of sorting the photographic archive.

The project is moving again, though, so I’m happy about that. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the festive season, and here’s to a good 2015!


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