Side Project — Picture-wrangling ahoy!

I have my short-list of photographs with which to illustrate the collection, as well as a watercolour painting of my grandmother’s, which will go on the front cover. I am very happy to have gotten to this stage so soon!

Next on the to-do list for this great(ish) project of mine is to select one definite photo for each poem; this should be pretty easily done, since there are only five or so poems which have multiple possible photos associated with them. After each poem has its corresponding photo, I’ll be running the pictures through the GIMP (short for Gnu Image Manipulation Program) and touching them up so that they will look their best. This will mostly involve adjusting the colour saturation and colour balance; with a couple of the photos, I’ll be selecting details and blowing them up (e.g. taking an oval-shaped cut-out centred on a vase of roses) rather than including extraneous parts of the picture.

Once the outright photo-manipulation is complete, I will be drawing from scratch a small cartoon of an eagle seated at a radio production desk, to go with a short, humorous poem which gently riffs off Tennyson and was written in honour of one of my grandmother’s friends. As this particular picture will be (c) me rather than my grandmother’s estate, I feel more comfortable with posting it to this blog as a preview of some of the collection’s final content.

All in all, this project is moving into a very artistic phase. I’m looking forward to it!


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