Side Project — Good things!

I’ve finished polishing the photos intended for the collection, as well as scanning and polishing one of my grandmother’s watercolour paintings to be used as a front cover illustration. I am very happy about this, naturally. ^^

There’s still one picture left to do, of course; I’ll be searching for reference pictures today and tomorrow, and working on it during this week. I intend to make it a colour-pencils-on-paper work, rather than digital art like most of the rest of my cartoons, as this will help it to fit more easily with the style of the rest of the collection. Should be fun! ^^

In other news, I’ve been getting some encouraging nibbles on LinkedIn about future proofreading work. My networking efforts are starting to pay off 🙂

Speaking of networking, I’m planning in earnest various aspects of my intended trip to the London Book Fair. I know that I’ll be attending on 15th April, but it seems to be a very good idea to start planning now, so as not to be blind-sided by unexpected turns of events. In any case, this should, hopefully, result in some work. 🙂

I’m also planning an article about my experience with self-publishing, for the York Alumni Association Writers group. As the plan currently stands, I’ll be recounting my experiences at various stages of the self-publishing process and putting forth some advice for people considering self-publishing. As I’m still a week or so away from actually asking my intended self-publishing firm for a quote, I have only planned that section of the article in the vaguest of outlines. I should be able to properly plan that section in a week or two, though, and after that the actual article will follow. I will almost certainly have to trim the final piece down quite a lot, as a second article on the subject of how to work with freelance editorial professionals seems to be taking shape within the first. This article is turning out to be a pretty enjoyable project, actually; approaching it in a similar way to how I approached essays during my degree seems to be contributing to this.

In short, many things are happening and they are mostly good 🙂


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