Kim Hall – Guest Editor of Hypatia’s New 2015 Special Issue: New Conversations in Feminist Disability Studies

The Philosopher's Eye

Hypatia 2015 colorsReleased new in January 2015,  Hypatia‘s special issue, New Conversations in Feminist Disability Studies, opens necessary communication lines seeking to displace assumptions about disability that haunt feminist analyses. The collection shows how integrating disability into feminist theory is greater than adding new perspective; it presents challenges to assumptions about concepts and theories.

“The essays in this special issue provide insight into how thinking critically about disability creates an opening for interrogation of the boarders that define feminist theory, philosophy, and other fields of inquiry,” Kim Hall,Hypatia.

Articles across the discipline include sections on Gender and Disability, Trans-corprealizing disability, Questioning inclusion/resisting assimilation, intersections/transformations, Rethinking the social model of disability, and more.  One such article, with significant traffic on Twitter and Facebook, Octavia Butler and the Aesthetics of the Novel, begs the question, why hesitate discussing the disabilities weaved into each of Octavia Butler’s novels?  How would…

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