Advocating for Women’s Rights

The Philosopher's Eye

Celebrate International Women's Day with WileyLast night at the Academy Awards, Patricia Arquette used her brief acceptance speech to spark the conversation on Women’s Equality, calling on the nation as a whole to join together and fight for true equality and equal wages for women. Though her follow-up interview ignited critics across Twitter and the internet to weigh in on her call, the message was not lost.

Wiley’s International Women’s Day 2015 page has expanded to give advocacy a full month to maximize impact.  With this month, experts like Sally Scholz, editor of the feminist philosophy journal, Hypatia, have been called upon to guest blog on the website.  Sally’s piece, available here, touches upon our reach as global citizens to utilize our individual spaces to spark conversation like Patricia Arquette has done.

“What do our collective efforts to bring about positive social change reveal about the feasibility and desirability for a global…

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