Side Project — nearing completion! Also, a possible future project

I’ve had the second proofs and selected a suitable cover design (it’s predominantly in warm, green tones — this works rather well with the nature theme of a lot of the poems in the collection).

The final bound proof copy should be wafting its way to me in the next couple of weeks or so, at a guess. I’m really looking forward to seeing it!

In other news, my grandfather (my mother’s father — the grandmother whose poetry is the focus of this side project is my father’s mother) passed away recently. He wrote a number of science fiction short stories, but they were never published. Sadly, it’s likely that he threw out most of them, but my grandmother sent over all of the stories that she could find. I’ll most likely get to work on editing them near the end of April, once the London Book Fair is over. I’m also contemplating what to do with them once I’ve edited them. Producing a hard-copy collection for distribution in memoriam among members of the family would be one possibility, but the small number of copies (probably no more than twenty) that would be produced means that this course of action might not be cost-effective. I am therefore leaning towards the option of serializing the stories, The Strand-style, on this very blog. There probably won’t be any illustrations, though — I’m no Sidney Paget!


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