York Publishing Services — a brief review

York Publishing Services was recommended to me by my careers advisor when I mentioned, late last year, that I was planning to self-publish the collection of my grandmother’s poetry that has been my main project for the past six months. I have greatly enjoyed working with this company. The main positive points are:

  • Quality of work: Excellent. I had, as chronicled on this blog, carried out most of the necessary editorial work on the collection before I ever contacted YPS. However, the editorial tweaks made by YPS were well-judged and I was happy to bow to their greater editorial experience. When I was presented with some possible cover designs, it was a challenge to make my final selection because they were both very good (my final choice was based on what seemed to me to fit best with the natural themes running through the collection). At every proof stage, my project looked very good, especially the final bound proof.
  • Speed of work/responses: Very fast. Right from my initial query, I received replies to all of my messages within a very few days. Paper samples, design samples and the various proof stages followed each other very quickly, each package coming no more than two weeks after the last (this can probably be partly attributed to the shortness of my collection, but I doubt that this is the whole story).
  • Professionalism: Excellent. This is indubitably what was behind the high quality of work which I have mentioned above. This high standard of professionalism was also evident when I emailed out of the blue with concerns that (thankfully) turned out to be unfounded, and when technical issues on my end meant that the transmission of the pictures for the project became unexpectedly complicated.

Overall, York Publishing Services is an excellent company producing very high-quality work. I am very happy with my experiences with them, and I would recommend them without hesitation to anybody who was thinking of self-publishing.


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