One project closes, others open (Poetry, London Book Fair and other things)


100 copies of my completed poetry project arrived on Friday — just in time for the London Book Fair! I’ve been looking forward to talking to various players in the publishing industry, and now I have proof of my own publishing chops to hand out along with my business card (provided the people I’m talking to actually want a copy, of course). *happy dance*

The article I wrote for the York alumni magazine on the topic of my experience with self-publishing won’t go live for a few months, since they have a lot of articles lined up, but when it does appear I’ll link to it here. In the mean time, I’ll also put together an article about my visit to the London Book Fair (the day after tomorrow! Eep!); I hope I can get some good material!

Once that article is complete, I’ll be starting on another ‘in memoriam’ project. My maternal grandfather passed away in February, leaving (among other things) some never-published science fiction short stories. I will be transcribing them, editing them, and posting one story per week on this blog for as many weeks as there are stories. I will be doing this because I’m fairly certain there isn’t enough material to make a booklet with the minimum of 32 pages necessary for good binding or to justify the cost of hard-copy self-publishing.

Onwards and upwards!


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