Positive feedback! (and other things)

I’ve been receiving some extremely positive feedback on my little poetry collection. My late grandmother’s social circle (to whom I have been distributing copies) appear to be very impressed with it. This is encouraging, as many of them are inclined in a literary or artistic direction, so they have a pretty good idea of what they’re talking about.

One person commented especially favourably on the ‘eagle at radio production desk’ drawing06 The Eagle (left) which I created to illustrate one of the more humorous poems in the collection, and suggested that I take up drawing professionally. This is a nice idea, but I’m a little reluctant to move ahead with it at the moment, for a few reasons. Firstly, I’m still building up a client list for my proofreading, so to create another facet to my business at this stage might well be biting off more than I can chew. Secondly, I am fairly certain that I lack drawing skill in areas such as complicated perspective and certain aspects of human figures (especially hands), which would limit the sort of commissions I could take on. Thirdly, I have somewhat limited resources. For example, the ‘eagle’ drawing above is crayon and felt tip on very basic A4 printer paper (signature added in Gnu Image Manipulation Program). This is how I usually do my ‘traditional’ art. Working as a freelance artist/illustrator would likely require more specialised papers and printers than I can currently afford. Speaking of printers: My digital art tends to be more cel-shaded, and retains the same sightly wobbly, cartoonish, somewhat anime-esque style as my non-digital art. I need considerable practice in this area before I can, in good conscience, market myself on this area.

Those are my reasons for being reluctant to go into illustration on a professional level. This being said, I’m not completely ruling out adding an art/illustration side to my freelance business. I am very likely to be moving house before this year is out. Once this is complete and the dust has settled, and once the proofreading side of the business is reasonably stable, I will endeavour to devote some time to bringing my artistic abilities up to snuff and start to put out feelers in the direction of freelance illustration. This should be interesting 😀


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