Queering Philosophy—How can queer theory inform and transform the practice of philosophy?

The Philosopher's Eye

Linda Martin Alcoff - LecturerWithin philosophy, queer theory remains marginal and mostly invisible. Often it is relegated to the philosophical sidelines as “activism, not philosophy,” as a special personal concern of demographic minorities that remain underrepresented in the profession. However, as Linda Alcoff argued in her Presidential Address to the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association in 2012 (text: http://www.alcoff.com/articles/presidential-adress-apa-eastern-2012; video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ud2yh6dV2I), the problem of demography is not coincidental to the issue of bodies of knowledge, canonical archives and questions, and preferred methods of inquiry. The goal then has to be not to establish queer theory as a recognized subfield in philosophy, but to elaborate how the questions and methods of queer thought can more generally inform and transform the practice of philosophy and its standards for knowledge production.

Even if we accept this goal, it is far from clear how exactly we might pursue it and put it into practice…

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