Gourmet Adventures Programme for 2016

Diane Seed

Seville 9-15 April and Marrakech 15-19 April – Both tours can be booked separately

Seville Flamenco

Andalusia is a joyful region of extremes, rich in history, culture and gastronomic treasures. In towns and villages the narrow streets pulse with life and after dark sounds of music and laughter drift into the air. The shades of Bizet’s Carmen and Rossini’s Figaro lurk round the corner and many of the local young men seem to be inspired by the legendry Don Juan. http://bit.ly/1CDjewY


Marrakech is magical city. The pink and turquoise walls and buildings shimmer like a mirage and the shady tiled courtyards and gently-splashing fountains soothe the senses. In the Medina the smell of the heaped, exotic spices and grilling meat is all-pervasive and the vibrant colours and perpetual hubbub are almost a physical assault. The city has many moods and we will explore them all, on foot, from a horse-drawn caleche or…

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