An intense month

November has been pretty intense — over 600K words edited, with more than a few cases of working over the weekend. Tiring, certainly, but it does mean more money in the bank, which in turn provides a bit of breathing room during the leaner times.

I mentioned in last week’s post that I was going to meet a rescue cat; I met her on Tuesday, loved her immediately and adopted her on the spot. She’s an incredibly gorgeous semi-longhair tortoiseshell-and-white moggy with pale amber/yellow eyes, very calm and affectionate temperament. She likes to sit on my lap while I’m working — this is actually pretty helpful, as pausing to pet her is a good way to take a break from looking at my laptop screen.

In other areas, I’m shortly going to start using the Hairy Dieters recipe books in earnest; I should have a review of the first one up in a couple of weeks or thereabouts. I’m looking forward to this! ­čśÇ


Working and cats

Nearly up to 500K words so far this month! ­čÖé If you’d asked me about it this time last year, I wouldn’t have thought it would be possible to read this much in two-and-a-half weeks — we live and learn ^^ It’s pretty intense, but I am earning a fair bit, so it’s all good.

Outside of business matters, I’ve applied to adopt a mature (6 or 7 years old) rescue moggy, who apparently likes to be with people and so would be ideal for someone who, like me, works from home. I hope to be able to meet her this week, and that we get along well ­čÖé

Much work!

I’ve proofread nearly 250K words so far this month and I’ve only been back up and running for about a week! ­čÖé It’s good to be busy ^^

Don’t be afraid to contact me if you want something professionally proofread, though — flexibility of scheduling is one of the big advantages of freelance life. ^^

Back in action!

Yes, folks, the house move is over and I have work coming in already! ­čśÇ It’s good to be working again; proofreading is a very enjoyable way to earn money ^^

I’ll leave the bolded note at the top of the homepage until next week, when the message should have been put across sufficiently.