A new project

I hope everyone enjoyed the festive weekend!

I have a new project in train — I’ve finally found the time to start working on my late grandfather’s science fiction. There are four distinct works in my possession; it is likely that he threw the rest away for whatever reason. When I’ve finished typing up the stories, I may split the longest over two or three posts, depending on how well the narrative flow supports that sort of division.

I will be performing only the lightest of edits, as it feels important that the works be reproduced as exactly as possible. I will also work up a suitable copyright notice — while the manuscripts which I am transcribing are physically in my possession, they are still technically the property of my grandfather’s estate and I have obtained permission to reproduce them on this blog as a memorial project.


The Hairy Dieters: How To Love Food and Lose Weight

I realise that there is a certain irony in my choice of recipe book to write about this close to Christmas, but that’s how things have turned out ^^

I was recently alerted to the fact that it was medically necessary for me to lose a bit of weight; being a fan of the Hairy Bikers, and having their diet recipe books in my possession, I took the most obvious course of action.

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I’m getting very close to the 750K mark for total words worked on this month — not bad, huh?

I’ve been working steadily through the first Hairy Dieters recipe book, and it’s turning out to be pretty darn good! I’ll post a fuller review next week, work permitting. Look forward to it!

I’m hoping to have a bit of downtime over Christmas and New Year so that I can hibernate somewhat, as well as getting started on transcribing my late grandfather’s science fiction stories.

December workflow

This month has been feeling relatively gentle so far, which is surprising given that I’ve totted up, in one week, nearly half of my word count for the whole of last month. Maybe it’s because of the way my workload has panned out; I’ve mostly been getting mid-length manuscripts which I can polish off in a day or so, and I’ve usually been able to take some time in between work and supper to run errands or watch a DVD and relax a little.

I’ve also finally brought my late grandfather’s short stories over to my house. He wrote quite a few science fiction bits and pieces, which were apparently quite good, but he became disheartened after receiving one too many publisher rejection letters. Quite a lot of this material was probably lost or destroyed — shortly after he passed away (earlier this year), I came into possession of the surviving manuscripts. There isn’t enough material to justify the cost of producing a hard-copy collection. If, therefore, I have some downtime over Christmas and New Year, I’ll be transcribing the stories in LibreOffice Writer with a view to serialising them on this blog (sort of like Strand magazine, but without illustrations) starting in January or thereabouts. Look forward to it!