Recap: American Philosophical Association Eastern Meeting 2016

Source: Recap: American Philosophical Association Eastern Meeting 2016


Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll begin.

At least, I’ll begin posting my grandfather’s stories next Monday — I finished typing up the last one yesterday, and I’m currently waiting on the OK from his executors regarding the copyright notice I drew up. Once I have that, I’ll set up a series of scheduled posts, one story per post and one post per week, to go up at about 11am UK time. The stories will be in the categories ‘sci-fi’ and ‘side project’ and will be tagged with ‘sci-fi’, ‘science fiction’ and ‘side project’, as well as their individual titles. I hope you enjoy them!

Just a short one

I’ve nearly finished typing up my late grandfather’s stories — I only have two to go. This means that, if his executors give the OK on the copyright notice I’ll be drawing up, I should be able to start posting the stories as early as next Monday! *crosses fingers* I  for one am rather looking forward to it 🙂

Avalanche of words

Nearly half a million words read, and I’ve only been back in action for a week! I have a feeling that this is partly due to the close-ish proximity of Valentine’s Day, my main client being a publisher of romance stories. Fun fun! I wonder how close to a million I can get before the month is out?

In other news, my sci-fi side project is rolling along gently. I have another piece typed up, and it appears that there are two pieces titled ‘Letter from a Strange Planet’; one, which I have already typed up, is about ten pages long; the other is about half that length and could be a sequel, prequel or different version of the longer piece. It’s next on my to-type list, so I’ll find out soon enough! ^^

Back to work!

It’s business as usual now that the festive season’s over. ^^ Good news for my bank balance, not such good news for the side project I spoke of in my previous post — I’ll be fitting the transcribing into the interstices of my paid work. I have completed work on the first and longest of the manuscripts in my possession, so it is to be hoped that things will move a little more quickly from here on out.