Korma in and take a seat

110,000 words to edit over the Early May Bank Holiday weekend, joyous joy 🙂 I’d been hoping for a bit of downtime, but ah well, it’s all money in the bank to feed my food habit ^^

Did this chicken korma recipe yesterday — though I used 0% fat Greek yoghurt instead of double cream and omitted the bit about marinading the chicken in more yoghurt. It turned out ok, though next time I might use a bit less turmeric (I used one full teaspoon of turmeric instead of the half-teaspoon given in the recipe, because I’d omitted the saffron due to the expense of the ingredient vs the fact that I rarely make things containing saffron anyway).

I’m doing a Hairy Dieters paella next week 😀 I’m really looking forward to it, though I’ll be tweaking the recipe somewhat — I loathe squid and am probably slightly allergic to mussels, judging by my body’s reaction the one and only time I ate them, so I’ll be increasing the quantities of chicken, prawns and chorizo instead, as well as maybe throwing in some salmon. It should be brilliant! 😀


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