Paella visit to my kitchen

My food puns just keep getting worse xD Apologies!

Work is more or less flowing normally at the moment; there’s a decent amount but I can manage the load OK. The recent warm weather that we’ve been having in the UK does sometimes mess with my concentration, though…

That same warm weather means it’s an excellent time of year to make paella! As I mentioned in last week’s post, I left out the mussels and squid (due to suspected allergy and intense loathing, respectively) and increased the quantities of prawns, chicken and chorizo instead. This worked pretty well — chicken and seafood may seem like an odd combination if you’re not used to it, but they’re mild enough to complement each other well[1]. The chorizo enhanced everything perfectly. I also used about 120g of salmon; in the end I went for Sainsbury’s[2] honey-roasted salmon flakes as being slightly cheaper and considerably less salty than the smoked salmon trimmings. The slight sweetness of the honey-roasting actually worked very well with the other flavours, so this is an experiment I’d be happy to repeat.

Jambalaya next week — I’m looking forward to it!

[1] This is part of the reason why I’m not a huge fan of surf’n’turf — the flavour profiles of beef and prawns or lobster are too disparate to mesh well. Either one flavour overwhelms the others, or they clash unpleasantly and leave a very strange aftertaste.

[2] I’m not a Sainsbury’s corporate shill, I swear — it’s just that I have one of their medium-sized stores less than five minutes’ walk from my house, and they carry things that I can’t always find elsewhere


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