Jambalaya jam session

I have to admit, I couldn’t even think of a pun this time…

As you might have guessed, this week’s Hairy Dieters recipe was Southern-style jambalaya. It turned out pretty well, though I had to make a few modifications:

*Paella rice instead of long-grain rice — I had the paella rice in stock from last week’s paella and my budget didn’t have enough flexibility to allow for the purchase of another package of rice. It turned out well, in any case, because, as the recipe introduction says, jambalaya is a sort of variation of paella. I simply had to apply the appropriate rice-wrangling techniques from last week and hey presto, well-cooked rice-y goodness!

*A very generous heaped teaspoon of ground cumin and enormous quantities of ground black pepper instead of the cayenne — cayenne pepper is simply too ferocious for me, being a painful rather than pleasant heat. My substitution turned out well — surprisingly mellow, spicy-heat-wise, but a rich and multi-layered flavour that was very pleasant indeed.

*Smoked salmon instead of prawns — this was out of necessity, as my favoured grocery store was completely out of both fresh and frozen prawns of all descriptions. I went for the smoked salmon rather than skin-on salmon steaks partly because the preparation would be easier and partly because it would only come into play right at the end of the cooking time, so there wasn’t much point in getting something that would need extensive cooking.

For last week’s paella, I used thinly-sliced sandwich chorizo out of necessity. It was OK, but didn’t impart a huge amount of flavour. This week, I was able to purchase a ring of proper sweet-spicy picante chorizo, which was delicious! It definitely added to the overall flavour of the dish.

Work-wise, I’m fairly busy, but I’m still open to new projects, so if you want something proofread, drop me a line!


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