I made croziflette yesterday and it was delicious!

What is croziflette, I hear you cry? It is a variation on the theme of tartiflette, a potato bake type dish from the Savoy region of the French Alps, but using pasta instead. The stuff usually used is called ‘crozets de Savoie‘ but I couldn’t get those, so I used conchigliette (miniature shells) instead.

I couldn’t find any actual croziflette recipes online, but seeing as it’s nearly identical to tartiflette, apart from the starchy component, I simply referred to this recipe and made a few necessary alterations:

  • As mentioned above, 250g conchigliette instead of 1kg potatoes — boiled for the shortest time given on the packet instructions
  • 200g bacon lardons instead of 250g — this is entirely due to the 250g brand-name pack of lardons being nearly twice as expensive as the 200g Sainsbury’s own-brand pack. I made up the weight with about 80g celery that I had left after making last week’s bolognese
  • 1 small red onion instead of 2 shallots, because I couldn’t get shallots
  • Half a bulb of garlic (about 8 cloves) because I really like garlic 😀
  • 250ml white wine, 300ml double cream and 480g reblochon (rather than the quantities staed in the linked recipe) — for the first two items, I didn’t have anything planned which could absorb the excess that would remain if I stuck strictly to recipe quantities, so I added the lot! It was a similarish thing with the reblochon — I could only get it in 240g blocks, so I bought 2 of those blocks so as to make things extra cheesy 🙂

I managed to get everything into the baking receptacle without any spillage, and once the dish was cooked, it was DELICIOUS! Creamy and cheesy and gooey and amazing 😀

After I’d done the washing up and so on, I did notice that there was half a bulb of garlic already in my cupboard, so I needn’t have bought one this week. Still, it’s only 30p either way, so I’m not too worried — plus garlic keeps best in cool, dark cupboards, so it should still be ok next week, which is when I plan to do some very interesting things with pasta salad 🙂


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