Tuna tales

It’s been all fish, all the way so far this week! A nice, light, seasonally-appropriate way to round off my exploration of Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight 🙂

Yesterday was all about wraps — specifically, tuna niçoise wraps. I deviated from the recipe a couple of times because I used iceberg lettuce instead of spinach (cheaper) and I omitted the gherkins (couldn’t find any for some reason) and the capers (yeuch). The flavour turned out pretty well, but between the substantial nature of the iceberg lettuce and the sheer quantity of ingredients per wrap, I ended up with two wraps which were each three or four times larger than the tortilla wrap things I sometimes buy ready-made as a little treat. The linked recipe makes two wraps, but it could very easily do four without changing the quantities of any other ingredients. Still, very tasty! And yes, I did eat both enormous wraps in one sitting 🙂

Today was tuna pasta salad day 😀 (sadly, the recipe seems to be book-only so I can’t link to it). I used the 1/3-tin of green beans left over from yesterday in addition to the ingredients as stated in the recipe. The only other modification I made was using raspberry balsamic vinegar instead of white wine vinegar, since that was what I had. The recipe says ‘serves 4’, but with the assistance of some strategic iceberg lettuce (one head of that stuff lasts for an absurdly long time!) I spilt it into two generous portions instead — one for this evening to help recharge my batteries after a somewhat trying, computer-glitch-ridden work day and the other for tomorrow (which will, I hope, be less stressful). It was delicious! Definitely one to make again, I think ^^

That still leaves me with meals for Wednesday through to Saturday to consider. Luckily, I have a plan inspired by limited-edition Kettle Chips! The limited edition in question is ‘chorizo, feta and olive’ flavour, something which I saw in my local supermarket a little while ago. I have now formulated a recipe — which I will post next week — for a pasta salad based on this flavour, with conchigliette (245g left over from croziflette), chorizo, Spanish black olives, Greek feta, garlic and spring onions, plus light mayo (as a vague gesture towards healthy eating). I’m really looking forward to it!


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