Keeping it simple

After a short break, I’m back on the Hairy Dieters routine. I’ve started working from the second Hairy Dieters book, Eat For Life. I intend to do a full review of the book when I’ve finished working through it, rather than when I’m starting out — it seems more sensible, given that I’ll have more practical experience with the recipes therein.

There are three recipes — chicken and vegetable pot-pies, all-in-one spicy pork and rice, beef goulash — which I passed over on my initial recipe-marking run through the book, but which on second reading looked appetising enough that I plan to give them a go. I’m sure they’ll be delicious!

I’ve had the poached egg with smoked salmon recipe so far. The main difference between the egg poaching technique given in the previous HD book and this one is that this book recommends putting the unbroken egg in the boiling water in the poaching pan for precisely 20 seconds before turning the water down to a gentle simmer and breaking the egg in then. It definitely works — the eggs hold together much better with this method. It’s certainly something to remember!


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