More simplicity

It’s been an intense seven days, work-wise, especially towards the end of last week.

Good thing this week’s recipes are quick and simple! ^^

It turns out that one tortilla wrap, laid out flat and smeared with 3 tablespoons of passata or (if you can’t find passata) a low-fat, low-salt tomato sauce from a jar, makes a darn good small pizza base! 😀 Nice one, Hairy Bikers! 20g half-fat cheddar plus small quantities of flavourful ingredients, a couple of minutes or so under a very hot grill, and you have yourself a lovely little individual pizza for under 300 calories a portion 🙂 Very very tasty, and that recipe is an absolute godsend after a full day of intense proofreading. (Hey, this job is actually pretty intellectually rigorous :P)

I’ll be doing turkey burgers and chips later in the week, when things should have calmed down a bit. I feel a bit weird admitting that I didn’t know you could even get pre-packaged turkey mince before last week XD Still, it should be fun making them 🙂


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