Meat the pie!

Ok, that one was dreadful and I apologise wholeheartedly…

Still, meat-and-veg pie topped with tumbled spuds (potatoes chopped into 2cm cubes, cooked in boiling water for 5 minutes then lightly mashed so that the surfaces of the cubes go all fluffy but they don’t get modged together in one mashed mass) is pretty good, as it turns out. I had to leave out the leeks, though, because for some reason there was a considerable dearth of that vegetable when I was buying ingredients for the pie…

Even so, the recipe gave me enough food that I’m fixed for suppers for the rest of this week, which is handy — work is rather slow at the moment (not too surprising given the time of year), so I’m practising my drawing in case I decide to add an illustration/art branch to my freelancing business. More practice = less creative energy available for deciding on meals X-D

Don’t be afraid to drop me a line if you want something proofread!


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