I’m not telling porkies

Work’s been coming in at odd hours this week, and that — in combination with whatever’s been causing my recent absent-mindedness — is why this post is late…

Aaaaanyway, as the title of this post implies, my latest culinary experiment was derived from the humble pig. Specifically, it was the Hairy Dieters’ ‘all-in-one spicy pork and rice’. This dish has some noticeable parallels to paella, the most significant differences being the lack of seafood and the use of long-grain rice rather than super-absorbent paella rice. This doesn’t stop it from tasting damn good!

I have enough chorizo left over from the making of this recipe that I’m giving serious thought to making a variation on my chorizo, feta and olive pasta salad with the addition of peas — I have a nearly-full bag of peas in my freezer and I’m going to have to use them up somehow. I’ll also do a batch of pasta e piselli con la pancetta at some point, so that I don’t over-pea the salad.

More on this as it develops!

I hope this post isn’t too rambly — I’m typing this at twenty to one in the morning on Wednesday because I only remembered that I’d forgotten to do Monday’s post half an hour ago >_<


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