Geeky food

Hooray, I’m posting on time for once! X-D Mostly because I set a reminder on my phone… Ehehehe

Not much to say on the cooking front this week, because I’m consuming my stock of frozen microwave meals so as to have room in my freezer for leftovers from the roast beef I’m planning for next Sunday. It was my birthday yesterday and some relatives gave me money, so I’ll be able to afford a really good joint 🙂

I’ve been reading ‘Cooking For Geeks’ (second edition) recently (just finished it today, in fact). It’s fascinating stuff and it made my inner chemistry geek very very happy. It also made me kinda nostalgic for A2-level Chemistry, because that gave me a decent understanding of organic chemistry (which is a very large part of what food chemistry is) so I was able to understand unfamiliar topics more quickly. There’s so much in there that I can’t possibly comment on all of it in this post, but I can say that I was particularly fascinated by the sections on Maillard (browning) reactions and temperature gradients in meat cookery.

As a proofreader, I’m pleased to say that there were very few typos overall. However, there is a not-insignificant flub in the book’s little section on osmosis — the book claims that, in the process of osmosis, it is the solute (the thing which is dissolved, e.g. starch or salt) which passes through the semi-permeable membrane. This is incorrect — what passes through the S-P membrane is in fact the solvent (the thing doing the dissolving, e.g. water).

On a more positive note, one of the sections that I found really interesting was a bit on ‘How to make a 500-pound doughnut’, which the author was challenged to do for a Food Network show that, I believe, never really had more than one episode. The section is the book is a trimmed-down version of this post on the author’s website — it’s worth a read for the food science and also for the sheer ‘WTF???’ factor!


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