I have no beef with you

Roast beef with mashed spuds was the order of the day yesterday ^^ Good medium-rare beef + mashed spuds + gravy + Firefly DVD + heavy rain outside = bliss!

I used a 1.198 kg topside of beef for this, roasted (while covered with foil, so as to retain moisture) at 200 Celcius for 1 hour and allowed to rest for 20 minutes or so. How was I able to get such a specific figure for the weight, you ask? Well, my local butchers place happens to be absolutely flappin’ brilliant, and when I requested ‘a topside of beef, in the region of 1.2 kilograms’, the bod who served me picked up a 2 kg lump of topside, eyeballed it, and with one clean cut with a sharp cleaver, cut off a piece that was within 0.002g of my requested weight. I repeat, they did this by eye! That is some awesome skill right there πŸ˜€ *happy flail*

Because I covered the joint with foil while it was roasting, there were a LOT of juices in the roasting tin, which naturally meant lots of yummy gravy πŸ™‚ Between that and the size of the joint, I got six meals out of this recipe easily πŸ˜€


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