Ghoulish goulash

Well, not really XD I did low-calorie beef goulash this week:

Delicious! I tweaked my working a little so as to make this in my slow cooker (basically, I did the meat-chopping part of step 1, all of step 2, chopped the peppers and then threw everything into my slow cooker, set it to ‘high’ while I watched a movie then turned it down to ‘low’ for the next few hours). I also added most of a head of celery (left over from last week) and the dregs and rinsings of a jar of my dad’s home-made jam and a jar of his chutney, both of which added some lovely subtle edges to the flavour.

It was brilliant 😀 Chuck steak, which is what the recipe calls for, comes from the area around the shoulder of the animal, which means it can be fairly tough — shoulders get a lot of exercise. Long, slow cooking, especially with something acidic like tomatoes, tenderises things brilliantly 😀

I received my copy of the Hairy Bikers’ new book Chicken and Egg a couple of days ago, It looks gorgeous, and there are some recipes there that I’m very interested in trying out — especially the potato croquettes 😀 I’ll put a review up here in due course ^^


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