Boof booginyon

(‘Beef bourguignon’ as pronounced by Arthur Shappey shortly after eating dragonfruit — listen to the Cabin Pressure episode ‘Yverdon-les-Bains’ for the exact context (having first listened to all the preceding episodes in alphabetical order, and following up with ‘Zurich’ parts 1 and 2) or (if you’re not worried about spoilers) read the episode transcript here:

I did sort of make beef bourguignon this week; at least, it was a beef stew-type recipe (low-calorie, natch) titled ‘beef in red wine’ which the recipe intro described as being a variation of beef bourguignon. It turned out pretty well 🙂 Not as rich or intensely umami as last week’s goulash (owing to the recipe not calling for anything more tomato-y than a couple of tablespoons of tomato purée), but the red wine mingled well with the other ingredients and introduced some very pleasant and subtle notes and layers to the flavour, which was very good ^^


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