Tikka moment to catch your breath

Chicken tikka masala (low-calorie edition) this week 😀

I used 0% fat yoghurt in the sauce instead of the cream mentioned in the recipe — budget (didn’t want to spend too much on stuff that I wouldn’t use a lot) and calorie content were the deciding factors with this.

Both the sauce and the marinade for the chicken called for certain quantities of ‘medium curry powder’ — again, not something I was willing to spend money on given how little I’d be using it. I therefore briefly investigated ‘medium curry powder’ as described on the Sainsbury’s website and improvised my own from turmeric, dried coriander, cumin, ground white pepper and dried chilli flakes. It worked pretty well ^^ The sauce came out a bit watery, possibly because I didn’t whizz it up with a stick blender or anything — I have to admit, I don’t really like doing that because of its effect on the texture of the sauce…

Overall, though, things turned out pretty much ok 🙂 I also learned that grating root ginger with an actual grater is kind of a pain what with all the fibres and so on, so in future I’ll stick with chopping it into the smallest cubes or matchsticks that I can manage. Should come in handy very soon — I have about 100g or so root ginger left over and an easily-adaptable shortbread recipe, mwahaha! 😀


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