Absolutely stumped for puns this week >_<

Went to a family gathering/feast-type thing on Saturday and had to spend most of yesterday recovering (socialising is hella exhausting for me, ye ken), so this week’s culinary experiment had to be put off until today. And what was it, I hear you ask?

Low-calorie doner kebabs, I answer!

I made a few changes to the recipe — 500g lamb mince (more cost-effective) and 1 onion (which needed using) modged up with the spices etc by hand (I really don’t like putting stuff through a food processor, as a rule, so I don’t own one), 3 cloves of garlic in the garlic sauce and the Co-op Food’s finest low-cal plain naan bread instead of pitta bread — I couldn’t find any pitta bread when I was shopping for ingredients and got the idea to use naans instead from one of the innumerable takeaway leaflets that keep being shoved through my letterbox…

It turned out pretty well, overall, although the naan tended to fall apart a LOT — I’m going to stick with bog-standard sliced wholemeal bread to go with the remaining lamb patties tomorrow. The other naan from the pack I bought is securely in the freezer and I intend to save it for when I do curried sausages a bit later on.

In non-food news, my copy of Goldenhand came a couple of weeks ago and I was able to get a couple of free days last week in which to read it. It is AWESOME!!! Further commentary is going to have to wait for a dedicated review post centring around the Old Kingdom series, which will probably appear some time around the Christmas/New Year period.


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