In the soup

Just a short one this week, things are really ramping up work-wise — it’s my main client’s big push for Christmas/New Year/Valentine’s releases.

Tried split pea soup with gammon this week — the end result was pretty good, and using the cooking liquor from last week’s duck for stock added a really nice edge to the flavour, but I ended up adding a bit too much water on top of that, so the soup turned out somewhat runnier than I’d’ve liked (ah well, more portions that way!). Also, when soaking the split peas overnight, I had them in a bowl that was a bit too small and consequently didn’t give them quite enough water for the soaking. They weren’t bullet-hard, by any means, but they weren’t mushy and falling apart either.

Lessons learned for next time:

*Soak split peas in the largest bowl available with PLENTY of water

*Start the actual cooking process with about a pint (568ml) water and go from there

Ah well, whizzing the stuff up with a stick blender was surprisingly fun ^^


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