A taste of Cornwall (sort of)

Low-cal Cornish pasties this week 🙂

The recipe called for ‘500g plain white bread mix’ for the pastry/dough for the pasties — I couldn’t find anything which seemed to match this description, so I used 500g plain flour and 2 generous teaspoons of baking powder instead. Possibly because my kitchen was a bit cold and/or I forgot to let it rest (or possibly just because I hadn’t used the bread mix instructed in the recipe), the dough was delightfully stiff, which meant I had great fun kneading it vigorously and squashing it firmly with the rolling pin. No matter how hard I pressed, I simply could not get it any thinner than half a centimetre (which was the thickness instructed in the recipe anyway, so that worked out ok). In the end, I was able to make three delightfully chunky pasties, three small leftover bread-biscuit things and three portions of meat-potato-onion blodge from the filling I had left.

Ah, that filling! The recipe calls for 400g feather steak or lean braising steak, to be cut into 5mm wide pieces and then snipped up as small as possible with kitchen scissors — more or less ‘make your own mince by hand’. Unfortunately, due to work running later than I expected on grocery-shopping-day, my local butcher was closed by the time I was able to get out to the shops, so I settled for a 500g pack of supermarket mince. The other modification I made was using about 355g potatoes instead of 125g potatoes and 200g diced swede (I’m not too fond of swede). Modged up together with one chopped onion and all the ground white pepper I had left, this little lot did give a decent amount of filling — but, as I indicated earlier, I somewhat borked the filling-to-casing ratio.

The pasties and so on still turned out ok, though — good and chunky (nice workout for my jaw muscles!) and with a pleasant sinus-clearing kick from the pepper (very important with winter drawing in). Ehehehe

Next time I make pasties, though, I’m going to dial down the potato content a notch (so that the filling is easier to modge together by hand) and go classic pastry for the crust — 2 parts flour to one part fat, rub in to breadcrumb stage, form into ball with minimum amount of water and very gentle handling, allow to rest for about half an hour, roll out very carefully… etc


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