A twisty classic

Various sorts of sausages from my local butcher (pork and herb, pork and leek, pork and sun-dried tomato — that place does the BEST meat products!), mashed spuds of various sorts (specifically, creamy mash, mustard mash and something called ‘champ’ that involves sautéed spring onions), a splash of gravy on the side — yum yum YUM! It’s especially good for colder weather such as England is getting at the moment (even though I got my boiler serviced today. Ehehehehe.).

This talk of soss and mash reminds me of an amusing little interlude in Goldenhand where Nicholas Sayre is explaining about mashed potatoes to Lirael (mash not being a dish known in the Old Kingdom) and he accidentally sends a roast potato shooting across the table. I won’t say much more in case of spoilers, but I felt like wurbling about this bit ^^


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