Winter Pasta

…I was desperately trying to think of a suitable Winter Soldier-related pun, because I recently ordered the Cap 3 DVD. As you can see, my punning circuits have glitched out altogether. That’s the December workload for you, I guess…

Anyways, it’s all about pasta this week — yesterday and today brought prawn cocktail pasta salad. Pretty standard operation procedure in re: prawn cocktail prep and so on, but that didn’t stop it tasting REALLY good! Tomorrow I’ll be making the pasta recipe that labels itself as a low-cal spaghetti carbonara, but which contains no eggs and calls for mushrooms and courgette (bleaurgh!), of all things! I’ll be leaving out the courgette and cranking up the bacon, mushrooms, parmesan and crème fraiche instead, as well as maybe sneaking in an egg or two (hey, it’s winter, so [BLEEP] the calories! Recipes are guidelines anyway).

These recipes mark the end of my jaunt through The Hairy Dieters: Eat For Life. I’ll be posting a review next Monday, energy levels permitting. I have to say though, this method I’ve been trying, of working through the book before doing the review seems to lead to a string of boring and somewhat uncreative posts :-/ I’ll stick to doing reviews first — that’ll certainly give me fuel for queued posts over the Christmas hols and maybe a bit beyond, just to be on the safe side.

Speaking of Christmas, I’ll be making the Janhagels (Dutch Christmas cookies) recipe from the Big Book of Baking later this week — should be fun!


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