*insert Wallace & Gromit gif here*

Ehehe 🙂

I’m a pretty big cheese-hound (in the metaphorical sense of ‘big’, I hasten to add), so having space in my budget and menu to try out the ‘pasta ai quattro formaggi’ in my Diane Seed recipe book was cause for some happy-dancing 😀

Sadly, the 1987 edition with the Robert Budwig illustrations (which is the version I have) does not have a preview, limited or otherwise, available on Google Books, and the 2012 edition (few/no illustrations, from what I can gather) appears to have dropped this recipe altogether, so I can’t provide an elucidating link 😦

In the interests of avoiding potential copyright awkwardness, I’ll just say the following:

  • Gruyère, Edam, parmesan and fontina, all grated together — although if, like me, you can’t get fontina, gouda is perfectly fine ^_^
  • Any short pasta will do — I used spiralli
  • Butter, to be stirred in with the pasta before adding the cheese
  • Good grinding of black pepper on top
  • Top tip: before draining, reserve some of the pasta cooking water in case the sauce looks a bit dry

That’s all — bon appetit!


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