The Hairy Dieters: Good Eating

Just started working my way through this book 🙂

It’s as appetisingly illustrated as their other recipe books, with a photograph for every recipe — no complaints there!

Same sort of division of recipes as the preceding diet books — breakfast, favourites, suppers, treats, desserts — with the same sort of chatty, informal tone to the instructions for each recipe, which nevertheless gets the necessary information across clearly and concisely. Also present and correct are calorie counts per portion of each dish, estimates for prep time and cooking time, and informative little introductory paragraphs for each recipe giving backstory, tips or comments as appropriate, which is a nice little addition.

In re: the recipes, I’ll be focussing a little more on the supper-type stuff, given that the breakfast section doesn’t have much that matches to my personal tastes (with the exception of the smoked haddock omelette — which, with a little tweaking, works pretty well as a scrambled egg recipe. This is good, because I’m rubbish at omelettes.) Therefore, among the other delicious things I have to look forward to are low-cal pasta puttanesca, various pizzas, a couple of meatball recipes, fancy low-cal fish fingers, an interesting little pasta recipe which calls itself ‘smashed-up chicken’ (there are a lot of really good-looking pasta recipes in this book! A major plus point ^_^) and ginger biscuits. Yum yum!

Overall, just as well worth reading as the other Hairy Dieters books 😀


2 thoughts on “The Hairy Dieters: Good Eating

  1. I do love these books, not loads for a vegetarian but I do well enough with meat free substitutes. It’s made me try a whole range of things I would never have thought of before, my favourites are Harissa Chicken (quorn for me) and Beef in Rich Red Wine (again, Quorn for me).


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