Poultry-related stress relief


Step 1 of this recipe is excellent stress relief, especially if you buy your chicken thighs from a local butcher who packages them such that you can just unseal the bag (to prevent it from bursting) and wallop the heck out of them with a rolling pin, without having to faff around with clingfilm 🙂 Ehehehe 🙂

The recipe turned out pretty darn well, though the spice level from 1tsp chilli flakes was a little high, even with the crème fraiche stirred into the sauce. Luckily, putting a spoonful of crème fraiche on top of each portion just before serving helps reduce this pretty well. I realise that this does tick the calorie count of the recipe upward somewhat, but I’m not currently worrying overmuch about losing weight — more maintaining my current weight — so it’s not too great a concern for me

This one’s definitely going on the semi-regular food rota 😀 The ‘deluxe’, higher-calorie version which seems to be available in the ‘Hairy Bikers: Mums Still Know Best’ book is something that I’d definitely like to make someday as a comparison 😀


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