Perhaps I should plan my post titles in advance — that would cut down on the corny, hastily conceived puns

In any case, I made a rather lovely little dish calling itself ‘creamy chicken and tarragon pots with rosemary potato wedges’ (though I just used one big ramekin instead) on Sunday. It mostly went pretty well, apart from some slight inattention on my part causing the leek to get a little burned — not nearly enough to ruin the dish, thankfully 🙂 In spite of this, it turned out pretty darn well — creamy and chickeny and herby and savoury and delicious! I had a fair bit of crème fraiche left over, so I stirred in a good dollop of dried rosemary and a few generous gratings of black pepper and used it up as spread in cheese sandwiches for lunch the next day 🙂

Next up on my to-cook list is spaghetti with prawns and bacon. The recipe in the book calls for tinned clams but after an unfortunate reaction to some tinned mussels a few years ago (maybe allergy, maybe it was just a bad batch) I’m inclined to stick with a known-safe equivalent — in this case, 200g of Co-op frozen prawns ^^ Should be good 🙂


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