Meat the pie II

Another low-cal meat pie recipe this week 🙂 The special twist with this one is using mashed potato in the pastry — yes, really! 80g plain flour, 40g butter and 275g Maris Piper potatoes mashed without butter or milk — it works a treat, has a really good texture and the quantities as given make enough to cover a moderately large pie plate when the pastry’s rolled out to 3mm thick. It can get a bit sticky in the rolling, though, so I’d recommend using a fair bit of flour over a large surface.

As far as the filling goes, I had to make a few changes from the recipe given in the book:

  • Leaving out the 100g swede (which I dislike) and 400g lentils (which tend to make me ill) and instead doubling the quantities of carrot and celery, as well as adding a couple of bell peppers
  • Had to use chicken stock instead of beef because I’d run out of the latter — I added a couple of generous teaspoons of beef gravy powder to make it up

The end result — a VERY delicious pie! I got six portions out of it, too, so I’m not going to go hungry for a while 🙂


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