Breakfast pizza

I’ve been wanting to make this recipe since I saw it on Hairy Bikers’ Comfort Food back in January, and I finally had the opportunity last night!

It turned out deliciously 🙂 For some reason, even though I used the exact quantities of ingredients given in the recipe for the dough and it rose magnificently, I was only able to make one crust the size of a baking tray, without pounding it so thin as to leave holes all over it. This did lead to a delicious crust-to-topping ratio, though!

The above-mentioned crust size issue did mean that I had some mushrooms and tomatoes (I used cherry tomatoes as they’re much easier to handle) left over, as well as half of the meat items. I fridged the veg and placed the meat on a tray under the pizza while it was cooking (necessary because I’d frozen and defrosted them) then decanted them and their cooking juices into a container to be kept in the fridge. Tomorrow, I intend to use the remaining meat, as well as the leftover mushrooms, tomatoes and passata, to make an improvised pasta sauce using the time-honoured method of ‘chuck it all in a pan and simmer’. It should be very good!

I will have half a pack of pasta left after doing this, so I intend to cook that up with the comfort food classic, cheap pesto out of a jar 🙂 Delicious! ^^


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