Menemen lezzetli

‘Menemen is delicious’

One of the particularly interesting breakfast recipes in Hairy Dieters: Fast Food is menemen, a sort of Turkish egg dish which essentially involves ‘scrambling’ eggs in a well-sautéed mixture of tomato, onion and bell peppers. (For the recipe, go to this link and click through to the second search result)

It tasted pretty good, but the texture worried me a little — I’m not a huge fan of the effect of the acidity of tomato juice on still-cooking eggs; I find the resulting ‘sponginess’ to have a rather odd mouth-feel.

I’d make this recipe again, for sure, but most likely I’d scramble the eggs separately, serve them on top of bread to soak up the juices and pour the vegetable mixture over the top — yum!


Hairy Dieters: Fast Food

No, that’s not a contradiction! The ‘fast’ in the title refers to the speediness of the recipes — done right, they should be make-able in half an hour or less.

This is certainly borne out by my experience with the brunch muffin recipe I tried for supper today — 20 minutes start to finish, even with my parallel-processing difficulties slowing things down 😀

This bodes very well indeed for future suppers, because the volume of work I’ve been getting recently has been more in line with what I’d expect to get during November and December — doesn’t leave a lot of time for cooking…

I’m particularly looking forward to trying out the soup recipes — especially the spicy sweetcorn soup with bacon garnish (I can probably use some fierce garlic pickle in place of chipotle paste) and the nicely colourful pea-and-ham fritters with mustard sauce — they look delicious!

There are a few recipes — mostly sauces and so on — which look interesting but which are inaccessible to me because I don’t have a pressure cooker (no room, and they scare me a bit even though I know modern ones have all sorts of safety features and very rarely explode when used properly). 😦 I’ll see if I can think of some workarounds though 🙂

All in all, another triumph from Si King and Dave Myers!


I revisited my chorizo, feta and olive pasta salad recipe (created almost a year ago) recently, testing the inclusion of toasted pine nuts — as in, plain-ordinary pine nuts toasted in a dry frying pan over medium-low heat for about 3-5 minutes, with frequent stirring. I like this method because it’s quicker and uses less electricity than roasting them in the oven at 190C/375F for about ten minutes — plus, packets of plain pine nuts seem to be a good deal cheaper than packets of pre-toasted.

This brings my list of variations on/additions to the basic recipe to:

  • garlic and/or spring onions, sliced and sautéed in the oil exuded by the chorizo
  • toast pine nuts in dry frying pan and add to the bowl before doing the chorizo
  • about 200g frozen peas, cooked according to packet instructions or allowed to defrost fully and cooked in the chorizo oil
  • cutting the chorizo into rounds per the basic procedure, then halving or quartering the rounds to make them go further (it’s better to do this with a full 225g chorizo ring, as a package of pre-diced chorizo for the same price is likely to only have about half as much meat)
  • 4-6tbsp of mayonnaise (full or light) or 0% fat Greek yoghurt stirred in once all the other ingredients have been mixed together

I’ll codify the above rambling into a coherent and hopefully definitive version of the recipe in a future post.

No news

I don’t have much to talk about this week — on the food front, I’ve been going for simple, quick old favourites because everything else has been so busy.

Work is coming in thick and fast — I’ll definitely hit 750K words edited this month, and it is not outwith the bounds of possibility that I’ll hit one million words for June. Good money, to  be sure, but very time-intensive.

A lot’s been happening outside of work as well — elderly cat with health problems and so on — but that’s clearing now 🙂

I hope to have something more interesting to say next week!