I revisited my chorizo, feta and olive pasta salad recipe (created almost a year ago) recently, testing the inclusion of toasted pine nuts — as in, plain-ordinary pine nuts toasted in a dry frying pan over medium-low heat for about 3-5 minutes, with frequent stirring. I like this method because it’s quicker and uses less electricity than roasting them in the oven at 190C/375F for about ten minutes — plus, packets of plain pine nuts seem to be a good deal cheaper than packets of pre-toasted.

This brings my list of variations on/additions to the basic recipe to:

  • garlic and/or spring onions, sliced and sautéed in the oil exuded by the chorizo
  • toast pine nuts in dry frying pan and add to the bowl before doing the chorizo
  • about 200g frozen peas, cooked according to packet instructions or allowed to defrost fully and cooked in the chorizo oil
  • cutting the chorizo into rounds per the basic procedure, then halving or quartering the rounds to make them go further (it’s better to do this with a full 225g chorizo ring, as a package of pre-diced chorizo for the same price is likely to only have about half as much meat)
  • 4-6tbsp of mayonnaise (full or light) or 0% fat Greek yoghurt stirred in once all the other ingredients have been mixed together

I’ll codify the above rambling into a coherent and hopefully definitive version of the recipe in a future post.


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