Making a hash of corned beef

Yes, I made corned beef hash yesterday, and it actually went pretty well!

It was another recipe from Hairy Dieters: Fast Food, so there was a lot of boiling veg until just cooked then finishing everything off in a frying pan — quick and easy! 😀 And I managed to avoid spilling anything even though my frying pan turned out to be only just big enough ^^

The recipe called for celeriac on the grounds that it has fewer calories than potato, but I hate celeriac so I used potato instead and topped the non-boxed-up portion with a poached egg rather than a fried one to offset the calories a bit. I like poached eggs — I find them a bit quicker and easier to do, and cleaning the pan afterwards is less of a pain than scrubbing a frying pan to remove stuck/burned bits of egg while trying not to damage the non-stick coating (which is as much of a lie as the cake…) Ehehehe

I’ll definitely be making this again — I am reliably informed that CBH goes much better with dijon mustard than a lot of my favourite cheeses. Some testing of this hypothesis may be required…


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