Adventures in prawn-wrangling

Conchigle alla crema di scampi this week — and it was an interesting ride…

You see, I’d covered the king prawn component of the ingredients by buying a 900g box of them from the freezer section of my local Asian food shop. Excellent value for money — way better than Sainsbury’s £4 for 225g — but the packaging once I’d opened the box caught me a bit off-guard. The prawns were all frozen into one big block and I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that it took me at least ten minutes of fruitlessly attacking the block with a carving knife to work out that I could simply boil a kettle and pour the water over one end of the block to separate off the 12 prawns I needed that way.

It worked, I’m happy to say — I managed to get about 10 or 11 prawns by dint of careful pouring and peeling them out with my bare hands, then carved the rest of the softened/partially thawed bit off the end of the block with the knife I’d been using earlier. The resulting pile of seafood-y goodness looked to be about the right size, and the recipe worked out ok, so I’m treating this as a useful learning experience.

I made sure to cook the prawns extra well, even though they’d been partially cooked already from my boiling-water trick, just to be on the safe side (can’t take too many chances with seafood!). The final dish tasted really good and I didn’t get food poisoning from undercooked prawn, so I think that counts as a win! 🙂


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