Short one

Just a short post this week — I seem to be coming down with the first rhinovirus infection of this autumn/winter.

I have a good amount of room in my schedule at present, so get in touch if there’s some proofreading you want done!

Food-wise, I made pork and black bean stew yesterday and it turned out brilliantly — just the right amount of savouriness and spice 🙂


Back to work!

It’s business as usual now that the festive season’s over. ^^ Good news for my bank balance, not such good news for the side project I spoke of in my previous post — I’ll be fitting the transcribing into the interstices of my paid work. I have completed work on the first and longest of the manuscripts in my possession, so it is to be hoped that things will move a little more quickly from here on out.

December workflow

This month has been feeling relatively gentle so far, which is surprising given that I’ve totted up, in one week, nearly half of my word count for the whole of last month. Maybe it’s because of the way my workload has panned out; I’ve mostly been getting mid-length manuscripts which I can polish off in a day or so, and I’ve usually been able to take some time in between work and supper to run errands or watch a DVD and relax a little.

I’ve also finally brought my late grandfather’s short stories over to my house. He wrote quite a few science fiction bits and pieces, which were apparently quite good, but he became disheartened after receiving one too many publisher rejection letters. Quite a lot of this material was probably lost or destroyed — shortly after he passed away (earlier this year), I came into possession of the surviving manuscripts. There isn’t enough material to justify the cost of producing a hard-copy collection. If, therefore, I have some downtime over Christmas and New Year, I’ll be transcribing the stories in LibreOffice Writer with a view to serialising them on this blog (sort of like Strand magazine, but without illustrations) starting in January or thereabouts. Look forward to it!

An intense month

November has been pretty intense — over 600K words edited, with more than a few cases of working over the weekend. Tiring, certainly, but it does mean more money in the bank, which in turn provides a bit of breathing room during the leaner times.

I mentioned in last week’s post that I was going to meet a rescue cat; I met her on Tuesday, loved her immediately and adopted her on the spot. She’s an incredibly gorgeous semi-longhair tortoiseshell-and-white moggy with pale amber/yellow eyes, very calm and affectionate temperament. She likes to sit on my lap while I’m working — this is actually pretty helpful, as pausing to pet her is a good way to take a break from looking at my laptop screen.

In other areas, I’m shortly going to start using the Hairy Dieters recipe books in earnest; I should have a review of the first one up in a couple of weeks or thereabouts. I’m looking forward to this! 😀

Back in action!

Yes, folks, the house move is over and I have work coming in already! 😀 It’s good to be working again; proofreading is a very enjoyable way to earn money ^^

I’ll leave the bolded note at the top of the homepage until next week, when the message should have been put across sufficiently.

Moving house

I will be moving house next week. Consequently, my availability for proofreading work will be erratic for a time. My projected ability to take on proofreading work is as follows:

  • Week beginning 19th October: unavailable
  • Week beginning 26th October: contactable by email in the mornings, from around 10.00 to 13.00 or thereabouts. Able to work on projects offline.
  • Week beginning 2nd November: I should have an internet connection completely set up during this week, so I hope to be back to business as usual by Friday 6th November or thereabouts.

I will update this blog appropriately with any relevant and significant developments. I will also schedule a series of posts to cover three weeks’ worth of updates.

Moving house

Humblest apologies for not posting on Monday — between work and house-buying admin, it rather slipped my mind.

However, I can now definitely state that I am close to completing my house purchase, and I will be moving in about three weeks. This will obviously affect my availability for proofreading work; I hope to make the disruption to my services as short as possible. I will update this blog once I have a clearer idea of how long this period of unavailability is likely to last. I will also prepare some queued posts so that I am not completely silent for the duration of my move.

In the mean time, I will be beavering away at whatever hits my inbox 🙂

Yay, work!

I’ve been receiving a veritable hailstorm of short pieces with tight deadlines recently. It’s all good, paid work, but doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for planning interesting blog posts. Bit of a shame, really, ’cause the Hairy Bikers: Meat Feasts recipe book (which came out at the end of last month) is proving to be quite a success. One recipe (rolled bacon joint with pease pudding) contains a rather nice mustard sauce, which I adapted ever so slightly to go with tonight’s slow-cooked pork loin steaks — deeeeeeeeeelicious! I hope to have a fuller review written up in the next week or two, depending on how things go. 😀 It’s going to be so much fun trying out recipes!

Work continues apace :)

I’m on my fourth job in two weeks, and this one’s a biggie — not too far off 100K on the word count. Hard going, perhaps, but it’s worth it, and not (just) for the money — I’ve been learning a lot recently about my own editing technique and work speed. Before now, I wouldn’t have thought that it would take less than a week to proofread something this size. Ah well, we live and learn!

I’ve also been reading on my own time — Sir Pterry’s swansong, The Shepherd’s Crown, had me sniffling into a pile of tissues for so many reasons, not least because of four little words on the back cover: The final Discworld novel. Such a good book, but there will never be another… 😥

The Hairy Bikers’ Northern Exposure, their exploration of the cuisine of the area around the Baltic, started last Tuesday with a trip to Poland. It covered pierogi, a gingerbread orrery (I kid you not — it was in tribute to Copernicus), the finest Polish sausage (which, in combination with the project I was working on that day, gave me some very odd dreams), a solemn side trip to the site of the Treblinka extermination camp, and a type of stew called ‘bigos’ (pronounced ‘big-osh’) that looked like it could be easily adapted for making in a slow cooker during the chilly winter months. All good stuff! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s episode, which explores Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Should be interesting. 🙂

It’s been an interesting week

After a year of nothing very much, I received two freelance jobs in as many days late last week. Things are finally taking off! I am very happy about this 🙂

In light of this, the weekly post will probably be quite brief, depending on how much work one of my new clients (a mid-sized publishing company) sends my way. All very enjoyable work, though, and it does put cash in my pocket! 🙂