Proofreading jobs will be charged based on the type and length of the document to be proofread:

  • Publicity materials, such as leaflets, flyers, posters, book jacket blurbs and pamphlets shorter than six pages, will be charged on a per-item basis.
  • Longer jobs, such as book-length projects, magazines and pamphlets which are six or more pages long, will be charged per-page or per-1000 words, whichever is more appropriate to the document in question.

The specific amount charged will be based on the length and expected complexity of the document to be proofread and a reasonable estimate of the time that the job is expected to take.

Expenses, such as telephone calls, printer ink and paper, and postage, will be invoiced alongside the project fee (see terms and conditions).

If the client is a publishing company and they require some or all of the work for a job to be carried out in-house, this must be made clear, in writing, before the project agreement is signed. In this instance, an extra charge of 10% of the project fee will be required, as well as the original project fee, to cover transport costs.


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